How Does That Work?

How Does That Work?

Technology has made our everyday lives much easier than our ancestors had it. This series explores how this technology works, how it's being used today, and the advances that can be expected in the future.
18 Episodes
How Does That Work? - Robotics


Advances in the field of robotics are offering hope to millions with cybernetic limbs now being developed that look, move, and feel like the real thing.
How Does That Work? - Future Gadgets

Future Gadgets

These days we all have gadgets that we take everywhere we go. Some of us see our cell phone, tablet, or iPod as a necessity, not a convenience.
How Does That Work? - Fat or Fit

Fat or Fit

With increased rates of obesity, come increased rates of heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues.
How Does That Work? - Future Flight

Future Flight

Find out how the world's most advanced fighter jet works; what the largest jumbo jet ever built looks like; how medical researchers are using flight to conduct experiments; and the design of planes that will soon be able to fly into space.
How Does That Work? - Future Bodies

Future Bodies

Explore what impact future discoveries will have on the fight against cancer and surgical procedures to correct deformities.
How Does That Work? - Future Technology

Future Technology

From the virtual reality of the latest computer games, to new safety features for the cars we drive, and yes, even our holiday celebrations: nanotechnology has worked its way into our daily lives.
How Does That Work? - Green Technology

Green Technology

Protecting and fixing the environment is perhaps the most important use of technology we have today.
How Does That Work? - Adrenaline


Extreme sports are very popular these days as people push the envelope further and further. Huge new roller coasters and cars that can drive on the water are just the beginning.
How Does That Work? - Defence Science

Defence Science

How surveillance drones, remotely powered vehicles, and improvements in training and equipment help soldiers survive poison gas attacks. See how modern technology is changing the way we fight wars.
How Does That Work? - Space


The cutting-edge technology of space travel that may one day lead to tourist space flights. See how these new discoveries are being added to existing space technologies like the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station.
How Does That Work? - Mega-Projects


Recent scientific advancements in the field of physics have included the discovery of Higgs boson and other new particles, thanks to the Large Hadron Collider.
How Does That Work? - Tomorrow's World

Tomorrow's World

Architectural technology has led to the creation of smart houses and greener buildings. See how this technology is being integrated into civilian and military buildings and get a look at how we might one day live in space.