Under the Grill

Under the Grill

Sean Connolly is given $4 million, 100 days and the lobby of Auckland's famous Sky City Grand Hotel in which to design, build and deliver his steak and seafood restaurant, The Grill by Sean Connolly.
6 Episodes
Under the Grill - Opening Day

Opening Day

It is now day 116 of Sean's 100-day project. Having failed its first council inspection the restaurant is dangerously close to not being finished in time.
Under the Grill - Steak Dream

Steak Dream

Sean Connolly has 100 days to turn a demolition site into the hottest restaurant in Auckland
Under the Grill - Deadline Blues

Deadline Blues

Sydney chef Sean Connolly's new Auckland restaurant is still bogged down with construction delays.
Under the Grill - Construction Woes

Construction Woes

The construction team has at last been able to build a new soundproof ceiling but it's too late to save Sean from blowing out his deadline.
Under the Grill - Long and Slow

Long and Slow

Sean has just 70 of his 100 days left to create his uber-glamorous steak house.
Under the Grill - Past Time

Past Time

Sean Connolly's 100 days to complete his glamorous steakhouse have passed. It is now day 107.