My God

My God

Host Chris Nichol meets a series of guests for an animated discussion about life, God, the universe and what drives us forward.
50 Episodes
My God - Llew Summers

Llew Summers

Sculptor Llew Summers talks to Chris Nichol about his own life-long, unconventional Christian faith, his works celebrating the value and dignity of the human body, and his understanding of a very human Jesus.
My God - Dierdre Drysdale

Dierdre Drysdale

Deirdre Drysdale, a member of the New Zealand Spiritualist Church, talks to Chris Nichol about communicating with spirits, life after death, and the seven guiding principles of Spiritualism.
My God - Wynton Rufer

Wynton Rufer

New Zealand's most famous soccer player Wynton Rufer talks to Chris Nichol about his glittering career, being 'born again' , and how prayer and fellowship sustain his relationship with God.
My God - Sister Loyola Galvin

Sister Loyola Galvin

Sister Loyola Galvin, last year's Gardener of The Year, talks to Chris Nichol about a life fully lived, her passion for compost and the spiritual value of gardening.
My God - John Sinclair

John Sinclair

Documentary maker John Sinclair talks to Chris Nichol about his journey from committed Christian to comfortable agnostic, from middle class Christchurch to a fulfilling life in the Calcutta slums.
My God - Winnie Laban

Winnie Laban

Former MP, Winnie Laban talks to Chris Nichol about her upbringing, her values and her passion for social justice.
My God - Ray Avery

Ray Avery

Scientist and 2010 New Zealander of the Year Ray Avery talks to Chris Nichol about a life long search for love and belonging and a place to call home.
My God - Steve Abel

Steve Abel

Musician Steve Abel talks to Chris Nichol about crafting songs, the transience of life and the relationship of humans to the Earth.
My God - Nooroa Kippenberger

Nooroa Kippenberger

Nooroa Kippenberger, a member of Sukyo Mahikari, a relatively new religion originating in Japan. She talks to Chris Nichol about giving and receiving God's light and how her faith helps her understand her past, present and future.
My God - Jo Seagar

Jo Seagar

This week on My God, Jo Seagar talks to presenter Chris Nichol about her love of sharing 'real' food, overcoming personal heartache, and the Anglican beliefs that sustain her.
My God - Manuka Henare

Manuka Henare

Auckland University's associate dean of Maori and Pacific Development, Manuka Henare, talks to Chris Nichol about his Catholic faith, being a tribal person and living comfortably with contradictions.
My God - Bronwyn McFarlane

Bronwyn McFarlane

Head of the Salvation Army's Family Tracing Unit talks to Chris Nichol about the pain of loss and abandonment and the joy of reconciliation.