Dream Island

Dream Island

The rugged Atlantic outpost of Skokholm Island is a bird sanctuary of global importance, but it's fallen on hard times and the buildings have been boarded up and abandoned, and the island put up for sale.
6 Episodes
Dream Island - Gulls, Gulls and More Gulls

Gulls, Gulls and More Gulls

A closer look at the life of seagulls reveals creatures every bit as fascinating as puffins and shearwaters.
Dream Island - A Dream Beginning

A Dream Beginning

Sarah Kessel and her team at the local wildlife trust have managed to buy Skokholm Island and stop it falling into private ownership.
Dream Island - Puffin Time

Puffin Time

Warden Jerry Gilham and his team open up the island for the new season just in time for the puffins' and sea birds' return.
Dream Island - Save the Lighthouse

Save the Lighthouse

The wildlife sanctuary looks threatened when it is announced that the lighthouse is about to be put on the open market.
Dream Island - Shearwater Season

Shearwater Season

Meet the mysterious bird of the night, the enigmatic Manx Shearwater.
Dream Island - Ganets and Rabbits

Ganets and Rabbits

Gerry's team take an evening trip out to a neighbouring island to view one of the largest gannet colonies in Britain.