A witty probe into the complex world of the 'other' woman, what happens when an affair goes well, and an investigation into how and why it can all go horribly wrong.
9 Episodes
Mistresses - Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act

The thrill of having an illicit affair is inevitably offset by the risk of being discovered.
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Mistresses - Playing Away From Home

Playing Away From Home

Men unable to resist the temptation to indulge in a spot of extramarital sex tell their personal stories of infidelity.
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Mistresses - Affairs from Hell

Affairs from Hell

The perils of adultery are revealed as unfaithful men recall affairs that turned into living nightmares.
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Mistresses - The Professional Mistress

The Professional Mistress

Explore the world of those for whom being 'the other woman' is a full-time job.
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Mistresses - After the Affair

After the Affair

What happens at the aftermath of an affair, when a man may well lose both the women in his life?
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Mistresses - What Makes a Mistress

What Makes a Mistress

Why some women are prepared to risk everything to enjoy the dangerous thrills of illicit romance.
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Mistresses - Getting Away With An Affair

Getting Away With An Affair

Unfaithful men who have carried on adulterous affairs for many years describe how they managed to keep it quiet.
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Mistresses - The Happy Affair

The Happy Affair

Meet the men who thoroughly enjoy their adulterous affairs and regard having a mistress as an ideal way of escaping the monotony of monogamy.
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Mistresses - Revenge is Sweet

Revenge is Sweet

What happens when an affair is out in the open and betrayed wives want revenge on their cheating husbands?
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