Dumb, Drunk And Racist

Dumb, Drunk And Racist

Joe Hildebrand has just three weeks to change the opinion of four Indians who think Aussies are Dumb, Drunk and Racist.
Dumb, Drunk And Racist - Judgement Day

Judgement Day

After a three-week road-trip, the Australian odyssey for four Indian travellers is nearly at an end. Joe Hildebrand begins preparing for judgement day, when he will ask them if they still think we are... Dumb, Drunk and Racist.
Dumb, Drunk And Racist - Indigenous Australia

Indigenous Australia

Joe Hildebrand takes four Indians on an Australian road trip to examine our negative stereotypes. They travel into the heart of Australia to talk to Indigenous Australians.
Dumb, Drunk And Racist - Melbourne


Journalist Joe Hildebrand takes Indian travellers Amer, Radhika, Gurmeet and Mahima to what the Indian media claim is the most dangerous city in Australia - Melbourne.
Dumb, Drunk And Racist - Multicultural Frontline

Multicultural Frontline

Joe Hildebrand and four Indian tourists dive head first into Australia's multicultural melting pot. Despite being a nation built by successive waves of refugees, the most recent arrivals often cop the most flack and it's the Muslims on the frontline.
Dumb, Drunk And Racist - Rural Australia

Rural Australia

Aussies might think of themselves as young and free, much too much of the world we are beer swilling Bogans. But how much of this stereotype is really true?
Dumb, Drunk And Racist - From India to Australia

From India to Australia

Daily Telegraph journalist Joe Hildebrand sets out on a pilgrimage to Delhi and beyond to examine anti-Australian sentiment. He'll return with four travellers who join him on a racist road trip across Australia.