Nazi Hunters

Nazi Hunters

Nazi Hunters depicts the relentless hunt for war criminals who, after committing some of the most atrocious crimes in history, have avoided retribution... until now.
13 Episodes
Nazi Hunters - The Killing of Reinhard Heydrich

The Killing of Reinhard Heydrich

The story of Nazi general Reinhard Heydrich, who chaired the infamous Wannsee Conference (which approved the Final Solution). He died in 1942 of injuries from an ambush near Prague.
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Nazi Hunters - Who Killed Heinrich Himmler?

Who Killed Heinrich Himmler?

The finale focuses on SS reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, who was picked up by a British patrol while attempting to make his way to Bavaria following Germany's defeat. He committed suicide the next day.
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Nazi Hunters - The Monster and the Butcher

The Monster and the Butcher

The search for Klaus Barbie, aka the Butcher of Lyon, who was responsible for the deaths of some 4000 French men and women. Also: the hunt for a death-camp guard known as Ivan the Terrible.
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Nazi Hunters - The Jewish Avengers

The Jewish Avengers

The story of the Jewish vigilantes who, after the WWII, tracked down known Nazis and killed them. They also plotted to poison the water supplies of Munich, Berlin, Nuremburg, Hamburg and Weimar
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Nazi Hunters - Goering: The Star Exhibit

Goering: The Star Exhibit

The case against Hermann Goering, the Luftwaffe commander in chief who founded the Gestapo in 1933 and was named Hitler's successor in 1941.
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Nazi Hunters - Hunting Adolf Eichmann

Hunting Adolf Eichmann

The hunt for SS officer Adolf Eichmann, who organized the transport of Jews to the death camps. He escaped from US custody after the war, was captured in 1960, and was executed in 1962.
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Nazi Hunters - Murderer of Malmedy

Murderer of Malmedy

The search for Joachim Peiper, a Waffen-SS officer whose unit massacred the captured American 285th Field Artillery Observation Battalion in December 1944.
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Nazi Hunters - The 'Good' Nazi?

The 'Good' Nazi?

The story of Albert Speer, Hitler's architect who became minister of armaments and war production in 1942.
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Nazi Hunters - The Angel of Death

The Angel of Death

The search for Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who experimented on Auschwitz inmates.
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Nazi Hunters - Nazi Rocket Scientists

Nazi Rocket Scientists

The US quest to recruit German V2 rocket scientists following World War II is remembered in the first episode of this series, which details the post-WWII hunt for Nazi war criminals.
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Nazi Hunters - Martin Bormann

Martin Bormann

The search for Nazi official Martin Bormann and SS doctor Ludwig Stumpfegger, who reported to Hitler in the waning days of the war. The pair, who fled Hitler's bunker together in 1945 following Hitler's suicide, disappeared.
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Nazi Hunters - Justice: SAS Style

Justice: SAS Style

The story of Britain's SAS War Crimes Investigation Team, which was led by Major Eric Alistair Bill Barkworth.
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