They're the mighty ships that have managed to tame our seas - see inside some of the world's most incredible floating technology.
13 Episodes
Superships - Atlantic Guardian

Atlantic Guardian

When an undersea cable breaks, the Cable Ship Atlantic Guardian demonstrates how quickly it can search and repair.
Superships - Rough Ocean Researcher

Rough Ocean Researcher

Kilo Moana is a research vessel, which employs a fantastic hull technology to keep itself stable in a stormy sea off of Hawaii.
Superships - Sailing the Dream

Sailing the Dream

Meet the Royal Clipper, the biggest sailing ship in the world.
Superships - Launching a Leviathan

Launching a Leviathan

The world's largest double-hulled oil tanker is being constructed. The story of oil transport, advanced technology and safety issues are highlighted.
Superships - Vasco Da Gama

Vasco Da Gama

The world's largest dredger can suck up sand and transport it in one smooth, powerful operation. This amazing ocean-going apparatus is shown as it goes through its paces.
Superships - Ferry Ulysses

Ferry Ulysses

Crossing the Irish sea in mid-winter the world's largest car ferry battles through a gale force wind and 10 metre seas.
Superships - The American Queen

The American Queen

The largest sternwheeler ever built plies the Mississippi River, complete with old fashioned tunes and riverboat gamblers.
Superships - Mighty Servant

Mighty Servant

Trucking a huge section of an offshore drilling platform is the hugely difficult task of the Mighty Servant.
Superships - Eirik Raude

Eirik Raude

The world's largest self-propelled, semi-submersible, all weather oil drilling rig leaves on its first voyage to test its sea worthiness systems.
Superships - Super Servant

Super Servant

This amazing ship crosses the oceans of the world-piggybacking racing and pleasure yachts to distant places-on behalf of owners and operators.
Superships - The Cat

The Cat

The Cat is a super fast car ferry which races across the Gulf of Maine between Yarmouth Nova Scotia and Bar Harbour Maine at speeds in excess of 90kmh.
Superships - Top Ten Superships

Top Ten Superships

A countdown of the biggest, smartest, strangest and most powerful and amazing superships on the ocean.